Moose Jaw SDA Church beginnings

The Moose Jaw Seventh-day Adventist Church had it's humble beginnings back in 1916.  Members met in rented churches and halls, and then, in 1945, purchased their first building from the Christian Science Church for a mere $5,000, and it was dedicated on June 12, 1948.  It was located on the same property the present church is on now, but at the rear, where the alley is now located.

In connection with the church, a Christian Educational program was developed and a school was opened in September, 1949.  In the spring of 1962, the church met to consider a new church home and Pastor E. L. Koronko led out in laying plans and fundraising for the new church.

On May 4, 1967, the first service was held in the new church.  In April of 69 the old church was demolished and on April 25, 1970 our church was consecrated.  On Sept 16, 1972 our church was dedicated and fully paid for.  It cost a mere $85,000 to build including the cost of furnishings and fixtures.  To build today it would cost at least 850,000 according to one of the construction workers who helped to build our church.

Our church has a seating capacity of 230 with a 20 seat choir loft.  The main building is 40 feet wide by 70 feet long, with the narthax an addition of 40 by 24, giving ample access to the nave, mother's room, Pasor's Study and also to the lower level.  There three children's Sabbath School classes., Community Services and our Assembly Hall with a seating capacity of 125, the kitchen and furnace room are located.  Behind and above the Chancel is the Baptristy.

In 1990 a new school room and gym were added.

On Sabbath  November 24, 2007 we celebrated 40 years since the sod turning of our present church.  We celebrated it with a report from Ernie Gadd, who gave this same, but updated report 40 years ago.  We followed this with a fellowship dinner and an evening slide show of church and family history presented by Pastor Dennis Braun.

From our beginnings until now 29 ministers have served this church.